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How are you? Still the best wishes for the new year. How was your new year. We had a top party at Paviljoen Loef with DJ Joost. And just after 0:00 am on top of the Schoteroog hill (about +30 NAP) we had a beautiful view on all the fireworks above Haarlem.

Next party: Let’s Party Saturday, January 19 at the chic Duinpaviljoen De Uitkijk in Bloemendaal (free parking, tickets in presale 15, -).

January 19 we also celebrate the 14th anniversary (now ‘Letz Party’ to 1-1-2017 Swingsteesjun). We do this with a spectacular dance party at this top location at the Kopje van Bloemendaal. The 19th again with 2 dj – areas. So a room with disco classics and a room the best upbeat classics.

Tip: snack in the restaurant.

On you see the dates of all other parties.


LETZ PARTY is a casual, stylish evening out for the friendly 30+ 40+ 50+.
It is dancing, chilling, meeting nice people and socializing in unique, beautiful locations.
Parties are mainly the Kennemerland region.

Letz Party is sóms in 1 area (wide mix of disco & upbeat classics) and there are two party areas. If there are two areas, there is one area with swinging disco classics mix & amp; and one area with a flow of upbeat classics hits (dance, house, up tempo beats).

At Letz Party we respect each other in our (festive) activities. We are not an exclusive single evening but many singles meet each other and speak with each other as the start of a party night. Singles often handle en-group via online communities. Of course there are also many couples to dance and meet at Letz Party.

Letz Party It’s your great night out – enjoy !!


View the beautiful party photos of Saturday 22 December by photographer Saskia Lenaertz and many other Letz Party parties. View them on Facebook or Letz Party.



  • Regio Haarlem: 17th of March   – Two party areas – will be announced later.
  • Hoofddorp:  30 March –  Event Center Fokker – Two party areas
  • Overveen: 6 April – Orangerie Elswout – Two party areas (1 area with the festive band ‘Sitting on a Duck’ interspersed with a DJ)
  • Haarlem Centrum: April 27 Hotel De Raeckse  – 3 generations King’s party on the terrace (in the rain)
  • Haarlem Schalkwijk: 18 & May 19th Letz Party Festival at Bavo Beach at the Spaarne in Haarlem. There are party DJ’s (3 generations dance party), food trucks and in the afternoon there is a recreational volleyball tournament (street volleyball style). (more info will follow)
more parties follow


What now? What is this about? Humm, says nothing to you of course but good chance that the garlic, the onions and the potatoes you eat; that the flowers that you sometimes have in the vase (and that in a previous year was only a tulip bulb), or the seed that grows into vegetables. That all that is dried and stored at a grower / farmer whose equipment is supplied by …. Agratechniek from Anna Paulowna. They sell worldwide, on all continents. and …… the company wanted to update its website after many years.

We are proud that we will soon deliver the website. Website can still be seen on one of their domains: You said so much, but it was fairly complex

 –6 languages synchronously translated, 600+ pages, many pdf-linked and a few hundred images-

The event partner of Letz Party: did the job. PRIDE. Do you know a company / organization that enters a new website? Tip us by answering this email. The ‘exploration’ is non-committal and we respect your privacy.

Until swings,

William Appelman