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I offer you a possibility: Go on an adventurous tour this summer through unknown Balkan countries: Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro !!!

Since 10 days I am in the city of Peja in the north of Kosovo for my website business. I do my online event work and yes, I also do fun things – see photo.

1. Join a Balkan tour that I am organizing in September to a piece of Europe that is still undiscovered
2. make this trip yourself at a time that suits you.

I mention a few details:

  • Cappuccino 1 euro – super tasty everywhere
  • You can already eat out for 5 to 10 euros.
  • Beautiful mountain nature
  • Beautiful hike trails.
  • Take the 600m long roets cable car (zipline, see photo)
  • Beautiful caves,
  • Old towns and monasteries,
  • Boating and swimming in beautiful lakes in the middle of nowhere.
  • etc etc

If you are interested, reply this email. More information follows.

And now Party time:


 30 March Event Center Fokker

30 March & 25 May

The early bird tickets are only available this week (up to and including Friday). After that the regular tickets will be sold for € 15. The sale goes steadily. Make sure you have the ticket. Our third dance party at this perfect location: two party rooms, spacious and free parking, good hospitality and a fantastic party with DJ Henrie Geerlings and DJ Robbie read more

 6 april Orangerie Elswout

& Disco DJ & Upbeat DJ & Disco Party band

Op 6 april In addition to the disco DJs in the disco area, there is also one live band. The party band is called ““. Sitting on a Duck is a 6-member pop-rock cover band that has been able to turn every performance into a swinging super party for more than 10 years. The collaboration with us makes them even more aware of what the swinging party hits are. During the breaks DJ William (Party Inside) plays a swinging disco classis mix.
As usual: In the Upbeat area you can hear dance, house and other cool party beats from the 00s and 10s.

 13 april DJ WORKSHOP

Do you want to be taught by a professional DJ? Do you really want to know how turning works?
On April 13 we organize together with the Haarlemse DJschool eand DJ WORKSHOP at Strandpaviljoen BAZ in Zandvoort.
read more


  • Hoofddorp:  30 March –  Event Center Fokker – Two party areas
  • Overveen: 6 april – Orangerie Elswout – Two party areas (1 area is interspersed with a DJ with the party band ‘Sitting on a Duck’)
  • Haarlem Centrum: 27 april – Hotel Raecks  – Disco & Upbeat King’s party + afternoon dance party with DJ on the terrace
  • Hoofddorp:  25 May –  Event Center Fokker – Two party areas  Hoofddorp:
  • 6 en 7 juli – Volleybal Festival Haarlem  –  @Bavo Beach Haarlem – Street volleyball tournament & Festival (buitenlucht) at Bavo Beach on the Spaarne in Haarlem. There are, among others, party DJs (3 generations of dance parties), food trucks and in the afternoon there is a recreational volleyball tournament (street volleyball style). (more info will follow)
  • follow more parties

Click here for the complete agenda. follow more parties

Until swings,

William Appelman