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Old and New Party Letz Party

Coming Monday December 31 is the Letz Party New Years Party Haarlem @ Pavilion Loef.
At this location you are completely crazy about the dangerous fireworks crowds in the city or your village.

We serve your champagne, you are at a beautiful location on the water ‘De Mooie Nel’ in nature reserve Schoteroog. Dancing with like-minded people, the friendly 304050up, DJ Joost, DJ Robbie and DJ William (Party Inside), disco classics, deep fried doughnut balls, appetizers. Tickets now 26.50. Door price30,-.

  • Party time:  21:00 tot 03:00 hours.

Party Photos @ Chateau Marquette

There are beautiful party photos from last Saturday 22 December by photographer Saskia Lenaertz. View them on Facebook of Letz Party.


New parties

We have a lot of new parties in the pipeline, such as on 2 March Hotel – Bar en Proeflokaal De Raecks In the center of Haarlem (next to Pathé and the Raaks parking garage and on April 6 a party with disco party band at Elswout in the agenda) At Elswout you will hear Upbeat classics (with a DJ) in one room. party band ‘Sitting on a Duck that plays disco classics hits and a DJ that keeps the flow between the companies.

Next week we put all tickets in the ticketshop and make pages at the Letz Party website.


Haarlem: December 31 NYE Party – Paviljoen Loef. One party area (we are working on it).

Bloemendaal: January 19th – Duinpaviljoen De Uitkijk – Two party areas. Our 14 year anniversary !!

Hoofddorp:   February 2  Event Center Fokker – Two party areas

Overveen: February 16  Orangerie Elswout – Two party areas

Haarlem Centrum: 3 March Hotel De Raeckse  – Two party areas

Regio Haarlem: 17th of March  – Two party areas – will be announced later.

Amsterdam Centrum: March 23   – Two party areas (option has been moved month)

Hoofddorp:  30 March –  Event Center Fokker – Two party areas

Overveen: 6 April – Orangerie Elswout – 1 Upbeat area with DJ – 1 area with party band & dj

Haarlem Centrum: April 27th Hotel De Raeckse  – 3 generations King’s party on the terrace

Haarlem: 18 & 19 May Letz Party Festival Haarlem at Haarlems Park (more info will follow)

more parties follow

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Until swings,

William Appelman