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  1. LAST MINUTE UPDATES / MESSAGES Lread well before you leave or there are important last minute messages or our Facebook page: (would you like our page?).
  2. NIEUWSBRIEF Do you receive our newsletter? This appears a few times a month. Sign Up? click here:
  3. ACCESS CONTROL  Present your unique online ticket or presale at the entrance cash register. There you will receive a unique numbered Letz Party wristband that is valid for this evening. 
  4. AUTO ROUTE TO THE ESTATE FESTIVAL  Check the location pages of Landgoed Het Oude Slot, Landgoed Elswout and Landgoed Waterland on this website
  5. EXPECTATIONSAs an organization we do our utmost to make it a good and fun party. We have been organizing successful dance parties for the friendly 25 and up for 12 years. Are you coming to Letz Party for the first time? The atmosphere is pleasant and ‘exuberant’ (- and we hope you are well entertained) Make sure you are rested and ‘ready to party & meeting friendly party people’ but – and this may sound crazy – do not create too much high expectations, it can only be better.
  6. AT THE PARTY  The DJ is always open for requests (must fit into the concept). At the entrance you can go for questions. There are places outside the party room to lounge and chat. There is often a photographer. Photos can be seen during the week on our website and Facebook page. Do not you want it? Tell the photographer. Do you experience the music as too loud? tell us.
  7. SUPPLY CONDITIONS As with any party, we have Delivery Terms. We are obliged to place these on the website.

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