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Dance party @ Dunepaviljon DE UITKIJK – BLOEMENDAAL



It has been a household name in the region of Kennemerland for more than 60 years. This great location is located next to open-air theater Caprera and the famous ‘Kopje van Bloemendaal’, 43m above see level.

Looking out over the dunes, you can see a glimps of the North Sea in the far distance’. Welcome to this unique party location.


“Are you ready to party in this beautiful ambiance!!!”


The new owners of Dunepaviljon De Uitkijk and Appelman Events welcome you to the ‘Disco & Upbeat’ party of “Letz Party” on January 19, 2019. Restaurant De Uitkijk serves a special ‘Letz Party menu’ at diner time. You can make your reservation a.s.a.p.



Two party areas – lounge area with fireplace.
Welcom on Saturday, January 19, 2019 on this party for the young of heart – age 30+, 40+, 50+. In de big party area DJ William (Party Inside) plays a swinging mix of Disco Classics from the 70ies, 80ies, 90ies, 00ies & zeroos hits. He will also play some swinging  salsa, rock and pop hits.

In the Duinzaal party area DJ XLR plays a mix of Upbeat / Eclectic hits. This is a mix of dance, house, (upbeat) latin and swinging tribal.

“The atmosphere is always relaxed at LetzParty. While you enjoy the unique ambiance, you ‘go crazy’ with like-minded people on the greatest party hits from the seventies until now.

In the lounge area near the fireplace you can get away from the crowds and the music and catch up.



Tickets are 14,50 (ex fee). Price at the door is 17,50. 

Address: Hoge Duin en Daalseweg 6, 2061 AG Bloemendaal



William Appelman of Appelman Events. Mobile:  +31 6 14890903.



Letz Party is the name of the party concept. It started back in January 2005 ín the monumental trainstation of Haarlem as ‘Swingsteesjun’ (Swingstation). The name is a merge of Swinging at the Station. The parties are organized by Besides parties they organise teambuilding events, do rental of party equipment & appliances.