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Party at the most beautiful locations


Landgoed Elswout in Overveen, municipality Bloemendaal, was in the 17th and 18th century a popular country estate for Amsterdam merchants. Even our Father of the Native country, Wilhelmus van Oranje, came along.


“Are you ready to party in this beautiful ambiance!!!”


Orangerie Elswout and Appelman Events welcome you to the Disco & Upbeat party of “Letz Party” on October 20, 2018.  



October 20, 2018 we are partying in two halls: Disco Classics room with DJ William (Party Inside). In the other room DJ XLR runs a mix of Upbeat / Eclectic hits.

* DJ William (Party Inside) runs a swinging mix of the best Disco Classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s & 10s and you hear some swinging Latin & rock & pop

* DJ XLR runs upbeat / eclectic hits (everything with accent on house, (upbeat) latin, swinging tribal & live percussion performance.

“At LetzParty the atmosphere is always relaxed and casual. While you enjoy the unique ambiance, you go ‘completely loose’ with like-minded people on the hits from then and now.

In both lounge you are away from the crowds and music and you can catch up and relax. Our guarantee: at this party you are assured of the best and tastiest hits from then and now. In the party room, sitting still will not work. The widely acclaimed Lets Party Estate parties (formerly Swingsteesjun) are back in vogue. Tip: The tickets are only € 14.50. We expect sold out country house. Order your tickets in time.



Tickets of 14.50 (ex fee) are available here. Door price is 17.50.



William Appelman from Appelman Events. Mobiel / Whats app: 06 14890903.



Letz Party is the new name of Swingsteesjun. Swinging successful parties since 2005. The parties are organized by Teambuilding, party organization and rental for the best parties at the most beautiful places.