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Party at the most beautiful locations


Fokker Hoofddorp

Located on the former estate “Our Lust” is the farm dating from 1901.

Today it is a beautiful modern event location in the middle of Hoofddorp.

Orangerie Elswout

Landgoed Elswout located in Overveen, municipality Bloemendaal, was in the 17th and 18th century a popular country seat for Amsterdam merchants. Even our Father of the Fatherland, Wilhelmus of Orange, came along. 

Raecks Haarlem

On the corner of the Raaks and Zijlvest, just a stone’s throw from Het Patronaat, De Jopenkerk and Pathé Haarlem Hotel, Café, Wine bar and Room De Raecks. Elout Stevens has been operating this wonderful refurbished location since spring 2017. Hotel Raecks stands on the spot where in the Middle Ages the western entrance gate of the fortress Haarlem stood.

De Haven van Zandvoort

If you are on the Boulevard Paulusloot state, between the (center) beach and the Holland Casino of Zandvoort, you see year-round beach pavilion De Haven van Zandvoort at the beach below you. ‘De Haven’ is a sturdy and stylishly decorated pavilion, and in our opinion the most beautiful of Zandvoort. In the kitchen, traditionally prepared food is made – delicious. And there is a good dance floor. This is already the fifth year that we are going out of our roof here.

BAZ Zandvoort

In 2005, the beach pavilion Bruxelles aan Zee was built at this beautiful spot. The three owners have made a fantastic company. Since January 1st they have handed over the baton of this beautiful location to Bas van Velzen. From the name history of the location and the combination with his first name there was beach pavilion BAZ. Bas has been the owner of a restaurant in the Vijfhoek in Haarlem for five years and is ready for a new challenge ..

De Uitkijk – Bloemendaal

It has been a household name in Kennemerland for more than 60 years: Duinpaviljoen De Uitkijk. The top location is next to open-air theater Caprera and the famous ‘Kopje van Bloemendaal’, 43m above NAP. You look over the Kennemerduinen and far ‘in the distance’ you just see a piece of the North Sea. Welcome to this special party location.

Past parties

Chateau Marquette

The estate is located between Heemskerk and the dunes Château Marquette as an oasis of peace. A 13th century castle as in a fairy tale: the long driveway, the moat, the gate and within the centuries-old monumental grandeur. Landgoed Marquette, a monument from the inside and outside, is a beautiful setting for a unique vibrant dance party.

Paviljoen Loef Haarlem

Paviljoen Loef is located in the recreational area Schoteroog on the banks of ‘De Mooie Nel’. It is a cozy location where you can festively close the old year and enter the new year. From the hill on Schoteroog you have a beautiful view of all the fireworks of the city of Haarlem at midnight.

Station Haarlem

MAF Event Center, the operator of the Waiting Room and Letz Party / Appelman Events continue the collaboration. New date for a party is not yet there, but if it is there, it will be announced about six to four weeks in advance.If you would like to dance at the station, it is wise to sign up for theLetz Party newsletter, so that you are the first to know and can buy a ticket.

Oude Slot Heemstede

Slot Heemstede is the site of the old castle of Heemstede. The property is located on the site of the former castle ‘Heerlijkheid Heemstede’, or ‘Huis te Heemstede’, in a strategic position at the mouth of the river Spaarne at the Haarlemmeer

Landgoed Waterland