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Chateau Marquette has a new owner since July 2018. The owner is from Haarlem so when we arrived again this autumn she was pleased. “You were on our list to call”. Look, we like to hear that. For years we have been the only one who can (and can) organize public dance parties on the estate. December 22 is our fifth dance party at this location. We use the entire ground floor. Our advice: come on time, look your eyes out (because of historical monumental beauty) and dance the night away !!!

  • tip2: Reserve a hotel room @ Hotel Marquette
  • For guests who would like to stay after the party, Chateau Marquette offers a hotel room for € 67.50 per room per night, excluding breakfast at € 12.50 per person and excluding tax € 1.00 per person per night. This is a “non refundable rate” there are still some hotel rooms available, so do not wait too long.


This newsletter has different pictures of parties of yesteryear. One thing is that there is still a large external hard disk with lots of photos but the password is lost. Is there still a techie who knows or knows what to do with it? View some here in this newsletter.


Is Letz Party going to parties in Amsterdam? Four times a year? That is the question that is now on the table. Center Amsterdam, a renowned top location and also with public transport with the night buses very well accessible from the surrounding villages and cities. We hope to have clarity before 21 December. Who still knows the festivities of Swingsteesjun @ Het Marnix? That was also a nice location (Swingsteesjun is the previous name of Letz Party.


more parties follow



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Book the DJs and equipment from Letz Party for a company party, 50 or 60 birthday party, wedding etc etc. We know-how to party, have their own sound and light equipment. We know many beautiful locations in the northern Randstad. And we would like to advise you to be successful with your party.

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