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They are beautiful sunny days. The Orangery of Elswout is beautiful.
TIP: Make a walk over the beautiful estate next Saturday afternoon, February 16, in the warm winter sun. Book your dinner at the walking distance before you leave Wapen van Kennemerland or eat a super super tasty meat, fish or vegetarian Lokaal72 iin the shopping street of Overveen (and do the greetings to Rob) !! Really a recommendation.



DJ Caspar

 Upbeat February 16

dj Caspar Coming Saturday the Caspar will be in the upbeat area. Caspar is alias for Jelle. Jelle is a very nice guy; director / owner of a large light & amp; noise company in Haarlem. He has large festivals and locations such as the Patronaat, De Lichtfabriek and Paradiso as his clientele. For years he has been playing his tune behind the DJ table. Coming Saturday at Letz Party. We are honored to be running. I hope you have that Saturday too. – Welcome.

+ DJ Robbie turns Swinging Disco Classics in the 70s 80s and 90s hall.

March 2 Hotel Raecks – Haarlem

March 2, April 27

We hear and see from the ticket sales that many are pleasantly surprised with this new party location. Hotel Raecks is monumental glory in a monumental path, again freshly refreshed and refreshed by the new owner Elout Stevens. Hotel Raecks is heart of Haarlem. They have a wine bar so you can already sit there for a glass of wine and a coffee. After 19:00 only 3, – parking costs in the Raaks parking garage.

There are day and night (interregional) express buses from Hoofddorp, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost and Haarlem railway station. The location is easily accessible. Check



In consultation with the location we will see the party of 16 March. We are enthusiastic about the collaboration. The last party was top. But the Letz Party was too full. So after March 2 we jump to March 30 at Event Center Fokker. De Uitkijk remains a place where you can dine nicely. This spring also a beautiful place to pick a terrace at the Kopje van Bloemendaal.


Also a party band on 6 April

@ Orangerie Elswout

On April 6 there is a band at a party for the first time in 14 years. In the disco area plays party band “Sitting on a Duck”. Sitting on a Duck is a 6-man pop-rock cover band that has been making a swinging super party for more than 10 years. In the breaks DJ Robbie runs a swinging disco classis mix.




We go outside!! Letz Party celebrates in the open air on the weekend of 18 and 19 May (2 days). In the afternoon first a mixed ‘streets’ volleyball tournament. YOU can also participate in this. Put it in your calendar. See the picture later in this newsletter. More information and the possibility of registration will follow soon.




Overveen: February 16 Orangerie Elswout– Two party areas

Haarlem Centrum: March 2nd – Hotel De Raecks– Two party areas

Hoofddorp:  30 March – Event Center Fokker Two party areas

Overveen: 6 April – Orangerie Elswout– Two party areas (1 area with the party band ‘Sitting on a Duck’ interspersed by a DJ)

1 area with the party band ‘Sitting on a Duck’ interspersed by a DJ

Haarlem Schalkwijk: 18 & amp; May 19th Letz Party Festival at Bavo Beach at the Spaarne in Haarlem. There are party DJs (3 generations dance party), food trucks and in the afternoon there is a recreational volleyball tournament (street volleyball style). (more info will follow)

click here for the complete agenda. more parties follow

Until swings,

William Appelman