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The party February 2nd at Fokker Event Center was another one to be framed. Having two rooms with different music styles (Disco room and Upbeat hits hall) is well received. You generally dance in the hall with your favorite hits but occasionally skip to the other room.




Orangerie Elswout – Overveen

February 16

The parties at Orangerie Elswout are always very popular. On february 16i DJ Caspar turns greasy beats in the upbeat area. DJ Caspar is a new name but an experienced DJ. For the first time he uses this DJ name. In the area DJ Robbie runs disco classics.

April 6 with a party band

On 6 April there will be a band at a party for the first time in 14 years. In the disco area plays party band “Sitting on a Duck”. Sitting on a Duck is a 6-man pop-rock cover band that has been making a swinging super party for more than 10 years. In the breaks DJ Robbie runs a swinging disco classis mix.


De Raecks – Haarlem

March 2, April 27 and (intention) December 31

A monumental spot, corner of the Raaks – Zijlvest, opposite The Patronaat  and Pathé cinema. Hotel Raecks is a gem today. There is a large banquet hall and a large wine bar / café. On March 2 and April 27 we have a Disco & amp; Upbeat dance party.


Letz Party has one for this partyhotelarrangement . Book a hotel room directly: 023 532 6629 and name Letz Party. Prices for a double room are then around the 80,-.

Did you know?

  • Hotel Raecks is located in the heart of Haarlem but still has only 3, – parking costs on Saturday evening. (after 7 pm Raaks Parkeergarage !!!)
  • There are day and night (interregional) express buses from Hoofddorp, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost and Haarlem railway station. The location is easily accessible. Check



VROUW Magazine

experience story

Orangery Elswout on 16 February is the festive scene for an article in issue 13 of VROUW Magazine comes up. The article is about 40plus going out, under the heading: putting the flowers outside.


Beautiful large websites delivered WordPress builds beautiful websites for an attractive price. Two large websites were completed last month: Vistatelecom (repair of every type of mobile phone (= so hundreds of devices) and (6 lingual website, ie 6x 100 web pages on the drying and storage of agricultural products).

The Vogelhospitaal in Haarlem

free workshop for 70 volunteers

The volunteers could all! So on Saturday morning, March 2, a promise will be made: Appelman Events provided a free team outing for all volunteers and staff of Vogelhospitaal Haarlem. We met them on the charity market last year Company and Society in the Philharmonie of Haarlem.

“Of course we help you on a fun team outing!!”

The Vogelhospitaal Foundation does not have a budget for a trip, but they do so much for free. Appelman Events offered itself on the market. But what are you going to do together? The approximately 70 volunteers are of all ages, young and old and it can still be fresh in early March. Some are not very good on the leg but you want to do 100%. So we came to the Haka workshop. Did you know that this is a very cool and wanted team outing? We have put together a special website for it (Gpreferably call from 30 people.)




Festival weekend 18 and 19 May

We go outside!! Letz Party celebrates in the open air on the weekend of 18 and 19 May (2 days). In the afternoon first a mixed ‘streets’ volleyball tournament. YOU can also participate in this. Put it in your calendar. See the picture later in this newsletter. More information and the possibility of registration will follow soon



Overveen: February 16Orangerie Elswout– Two party areas

Haarlem Centrum: March 2nd – Hotel De Raecks– Two party areass

Bloemendaal: – March 16 – De Uitkijk– Two party areas.

Hoofddorp:  30 March – Event Center Fokker – Two party areas

Overveen: 6 April – Orangerie Elswout– Two party areas (1 area with the party band ‘Sitting on a Duck’ interspersed with a DJ)

Haarlem Centrum: April 27th Hotel Raecks  – Disco & Upbeat King’s party + afternoon drinks on the terrace with DJ

Haarlem Schalkwijk: 18 & 19 may Letz Party Festival at Bavo Beach at the Spaarne in Haarlem. There are party DJs (3 generations dance party), food trucks and in the afternoon there is a recreational volleyball tournament (street volleyball style). (more info will follow)

Click here for the complete agenda. more parties follow

Until swings,

William Appelman


flyer volleybal festival haarlem